We Are Versus Comics
Hey there fellow Pioneer!
Welcome to Versus Comics.
The home of Adventure-seeking pioneers, like yourself.    
What do we do?  Why, we make comics, of course!  
And we sell them out of our retail outlet in Seaside, Oregon.  
We love it out here on the coast, and find that it helps inspire our creative juices,
so that we can bring you our awesome comic timeline, "The Fall of Man"!
Which starts out with our first protagonist, "Rando", which you'll be reading lots more about below.

So, Who is Versus Comics?

Corveaux Millions
Writer, Illustrator, Entertainer 

Corveaux is the writer/creator of Rando, the first comic in our timeline.  Corveaux is an artist and writer who also creates a books series titled "The Esoteric Legacy of Corveaux Millions" which debuted with his first novel FORTE - Song Of Hope
Corveaux partnered with Luna to create Versus Comics to house the ideas for the many stories in their FALL OF MAN timeline. 
Luna Millions
Business Manager, Photographer,  Writer 

Upon moving to Rockaway Beach, Luna and Corveaux spent their first winter writing the timeline for Versus Comics, and Luna's love for comics and dream to have a retail comic book store on the beach would soon come true when she noticed a lack in the market on the coast.  Having a good mind for business, she and Corveaux opened their first  store in a small room in an outlet mall in their new hometown, after only a year there they were able to grow into their new bigger location in Seaside.  
Dillon Reid
Aspiring Games Designer, part-time superhero

New to Versus, Dillon brings a fresh image to our company with a mind for games, and a desire to tell his own narrative.   Dillon has partnered with Corveaux to work on his upcoming game project,  and help plan and promote our coming event, The 2018 Versus Comic Con!
A Look at What's Now, and To Come...
All Things Versus
Discover the Origin Story of Rando!  And begin your journey through the "Fall of Man" timeline of Versus Comics!  

Rando is the story of a boy who is followed by darkness, and is a metaphor for the struggles of childhood isolation, and what could become the product of that.

The 2018 Versus Comic Con
Come July next year, It will be time to Party, Versus Comic Con Style, in Seaside, OR, one of the Beachin'est cities on the coast at it's very Seaside Convention Center!

You're not going to want to miss this!

Inside the Shop!
There's always a good chance that you'll find one of us in our ComicShop in Seaside, OR.   So, when your adventure finds you here on the coast, stop in, talk comics, and see the machine turn from the inside. 

We have a wide selection of a little of everything, lots you'll be able to see online here, but even more in the store!

Got Questions?  Need to contact someone at Versus?  Here's how!


Phone: 1888.4COMIC4

PO BOX 665
Rockaway Beach, OR 97136